What is leading you?


Some will refuse to admit their flaws in the tragic events they’ve come across. Life is slowly but surely a progression of self-love and self-encouragement. Being a co-dependent female; finding shame in myself for the situations I’ve been in, that I had zero control over. We place ourselves in scenarios for 1 of 2 of 3 and maybe even 4 reasons.

Serotonin release has been my flaw (and no I’m not talking about taking molly or tripping on a pill)- happiness, sudden and fast satisfaction- and this movement has not been the best for me. Instant gratification is not the way. Success, wanting to build a future whether financially or lifestyle choices made to drive yourself to a virtuous destiny. As humans, we make choices because of a beneficial outcome, and unfortunately, the conclusion is not always our intentions.

When she was walking into an apartment building, on New Year’s Eve, to have a good time with a friend of course; she didn’t ask to be thrown into the bushes and raped by a strange man. When he was simply standing with his daughter at the fair, he didn’t ask to lose sight of her and never see her again as she was taken from him.  When he took those pain pills because of a long-term back injury- he didn’t ask for them to kill him while his family was steps away. Regrettably, sometimes the things we do as humans for good purpose harm instead of providing us with the product we strive for. And suddenly, we are changed. Forever. Wounded. Scarred. And these terrible experiences become a part of our being.

So today I am asking you,

What is leading you?

Are you being lead by your spirit or your wound?

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Where you stand, Is not who you are.


Traveling, moving, new streets, new pages, highways, grocery stores, restaurants.

This Earth is my home, I am moved by the spirit’s energy constantly surrounding me. 

I have become the woman I am because of the beautiful, painful, rich, dirty, broken, reviving experiences I have been gifted with. I have given these experiences to myself.  I am rich in memory, I am poor in paper. I am beautiful, but I am absolutely damaged. My heart is full and willing, and my body is healthy and stable. Virgo, the moon- surround me daily. My energy is powerful, but only for me. I am living; to see. Not to stay. I will always remember everything, every drive, every hike, every walk down Dickson in Fayetteville to Providence Rd. In Charlotte.

I have lost so much in my life;

but with chance and a fighting soul-

I have gained and immense amount.

I am willing to learn; willing to be wrong; willing to teach; & willing to love.

Pain doesn’t have to correlate with memories.


Fly. Be Free. Take your experiences and soar. This earth is home; you are not bound anywhere.

Be you; Find you; Experiences will show you.



Wesleigh in Wonderland

Finally, I’m going to do it.

I get lost in the forest on a mountain top with my 4 legged baby,

we see the sun, sky, trees, & the elevation we are so proud to stand upon.

Both leaping forward but once we reach a cliff;

we stop.

we pause.

we look.


The reward is a gift only those fortunate enough can see,

we are here because we woke up with purpose.

I belong to the earth.

I am in love with the ground, the sky.



You aren’t born with character, it’s built.

Struggling with self-worth, purpose, and reasoning to your existence in your early twenties is inevitable.

For a portion of life, we are formed mentally and physically by our surroundings. We have morals ingrained in us our parents have taught us, and regardless of what they might be, these morals are part of who we become. Unique is a kind word and it is exactly what it sounds like.

1 each site is unique: distinctive, distinct, individual, special, idiosyncratic; single, sole, lone, unrepeated, repeatable, solitary, exclusive, rare, uncommon, unusual, sui generis; informal one-off, one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime, one-shot.

Although I was taught so much as a child, I still became everything my parents told me not to be.

So some of us went away to college, or just moved away. Many have had children, and  families and that itself establishes a sense of purpose, drive, belonging, and self-worth. But what about those who don’t have a sense of belonging? Well, it destroys you. As humans, we are created to interact. And as women, we have a nurturing pride built into us. As you are reaching so deeply outside of yourself for greater meaning: realize that you already have it!

This morning when you reached for your daily medication, or took your dog outside: these small things give your life meaning. Going to work, or the doctor, is not meaning but rather means to a purposeful life. These things fall hand in hand with self-care. All in time you will start to establish drive for your unique characteristics; and this is when you discover the person you are when no-one is around to watch. Own your daily routine and make it yours, after all no one is you!

My small testament to this is loosing everything worth financial value and being forced to look in the mirror at myself. Do you like what you see when you meet with your own eyes? If not, I can assure you the money, the car you’ve been watching, or that new lace halter from Victoria’s Secret is not going to fix this infested desire internally, for happiness. Rather the cup of coffee sitting on the table, standing in the pouring rain, or the sun hitting your desk as you’re blogging, maybe your dog falling asleep right beside you. These small things are happiness, purpose, and simply divine.


What does this mean? Simple: if you are a cardiologist pulling $450k a year, that is amazing! If you have zero gratitude for the free gifts given from birth, you have no sense of grounding and that does not make for a fulfilling, purposeful life.

Be Unique