Alice Through the Looking Glass


“There is a place

like no place on earth.

And a land full of wonder, mystery

and danger!

Some say to survive it: you have to be as Mad as a Hatter.

Luckily I am.”

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The Mind Behind The ‘fine’

She swam through a fire that placed her in a new standing.

The colors are so bright and the leaves ever so emerald.

She takes a step forward but continues to step back.

Where is home?

This place I have come to is not a stepping stone but a residence.

In her world, dogs can speak instead of barking- and the rain drops to simply dance on her skin.

She effortlessly sees all things with purpose, right from her bare green eyes.

“The sounds will continue, you must make sense of them.”


Learning To Self-Guide


And as she sat in silence.. it became real.

He was gone, the man to protect her until he agreed on the right person to give her away to.

Her father.

The man who was supposed to cherish her- simply because he created her.

This window seat never seemed so precious as it did in that moment.

The window seat he built just for his little girl’s dream bedroom.

Her heart is aching for someone who no longer exists. 

She puts her fingertips in his ashes- and wraps her own hands around the body he and her mother created.

She has grown up now; and now she blindly looks up to him for answers.

He isn’t there.

Sometimes she goes home to a city she and he are both from, and the memories are stained to the streets.

The first man she ever loved forgot to show her; baby girl, flying free isn’t easy.




To My Gunman

“You took more than my money, phone, & clothes- you took my peace of mind.”

Standing in a space,

This is supposed to be my safe place,

Metal on my skin,

I think this is the end.


I’ll miss my family,

my meme’s simple calls,

but maybe leaving; won’t be so bad after all.

I’ll get to see my daddy,

hold and kiss his hand.

I’ll miss my best friend,

& all that we had planned. 


You might have saved your bullet,

But you sliced my life with a hatchet.


This is true fear,

& it doesn’t end here.