Where you stand, Is not who you are.


Traveling, moving, new streets, new pages, highways, grocery stores, restaurants.

This Earth is my home, I am moved by the spirit’s energy constantly surrounding me. 

I have become the woman I am because of the beautiful, painful, rich, dirty, broken, reviving experiences I have been gifted with. I have given these experiences to myself.  I am rich in memory, I am poor in paper. I am beautiful, but I am absolutely damaged. My heart is full and willing, and my body is healthy and stable. Virgo, the moon- surround me daily. My energy is powerful, but only for me. I am living; to see. Not to stay. I will always remember everything, every drive, every hike, every walk down Dickson in Fayetteville to Providence Rd. In Charlotte.

I have lost so much in my life;

but with chance and a fighting soul-

I have gained and immense amount.

I am willing to learn; willing to be wrong; willing to teach; & willing to love.

Pain doesn’t have to correlate with memories.


Fly. Be Free. Take your experiences and soar. This earth is home; you are not bound anywhere.

Be you; Find you; Experiences will show you.




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