What Life Has Offered Me at 21

Have you ever sat in the rain and watched it drop on your thighs as you ponder your life? Perhaps, your happy place is with your toes in the sand on the Southern East Coast. Sometimes, I stand on the peak of mountains and feel I have conquered my life when in reality; there is no end goal. I am reaching out with my arms in the sky for something greater than myself. Do you have a passion expressed through your own personal, unique, humanized qualities?

I tremble. For it is my time to live my life as mine. With this comes decision, change, discipline, consistency, time, patience, and me. I cannot become this strong-willed woman without having a strong-willed heart, mind, body, & soul. My energy is expressed in waves- sadness, accomplishment, rejection, incompetence, beauty, lust, loss, memory- Yearning to be a blank canvas, rebuilding sense of home and satisfaction. Have you ever found beauty in the things that do not need human assistance to be beautiful? Flowers, or the wide ocean from green to deep blue. This life is not based on moral, but meaning.

How to move forward without your roots, what does this mean. If you do not have a sense of home for your mind, then mental growth is never rooted.

Personal choice is the only way.


2 thoughts on “What Life Has Offered Me at 21

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