Learn How To Love

More of a slide than a hallway,

more of a hive than a hiding place,

more of a hike than a walk or a stroll-

just stride through a hole in the wall like a crawl space.

Have you ever had someone look at you, and you were so full of emotion it felt like butterflies were going to fly out of your throat? Your palms get sweaty as you are about to see them, and your body is almost in a state of euphoria without  being touched?

Me too.

The emotions behind why we love, who we love, our hearts, what we need, are so important. Women are so beautiful, so talented, and it’s so horrible to watch your best friends hurt, or yourself.

I’ve heard you can’t love anyone until you find yourself, you have your shit together, whatever it might be, you know how to love- you just need to know how you love.

Fall into someone, give them the rawest form of yourself.


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