Thousands to zero


‘I always wondered what it would be like to worry about money again. Remembering when money was disposable, like cigarette butts.. or my life at the time.. disposable.. literally.’ 

– IngridWesBlog

disposable |disˈpōzəbəl|


1 (of an article) intended to be used once, or until no longer useful, and then thrown away: disposable diapers | a disposable razor.

• (of a person or idea) able to be dispensed with; easily dismissed: the poor performer is motivated by the fear that he or she is highly disposable.

(credits to Dictionary App on Macbook)

I seem lately to really be struggling financially. It is a really hard deal when you want things, that you can’t buy. Being a broke 21 year-old sucks, and yes it makes me remember my $10,000 monthly income at 20. This is what selling myself against my morals did to me. I easily lost the value of a dollar because all I needed was myself to make it back. But isn’t that somewhat.. invigorating? I do not shame sex workers, as regardless I believe stripping is sex work. (PERSONAL OPINION) And stripping was my life for over a year.

How I am Dealing With This:

Literally, by embracing every small, tiny, thing, in my life, that is SOLEY mine. For instance, I got approved for amazing health insurance and that is a big deal. OR, i’m loosing weight in a healthy way by staying more active. I realize this is hard to do, compared to a $4oo Victorias’ Secret shopping spree. Retail therapy was and is a thing for me, and it gets bad. Try to take something small, and make it much larger. ‘Because it is yours, & that’s important.’




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