Life is so beautiful. I am so sappy, but I adore the little things. Over the years, I have found things to define the person I claim to be. I always ran, i’ve been running since I was 15 really. During this horrible process of trying to find myself, I have realized one thing. It doesn’t fucking matter where I am. I am Wesleigh, wether I am in Uptown Charlotte, driving down 83 towards Baltimore, or 40 towards Oklahoma.

Take a mirror, take a look, who is this girl?

My issues are who I am. Since i’ve come to the conclusion perfection doesn’t exist; except for the human designed for you. Bulimia, my fathers death, cocaine, alcohol, strip clubs, daddy issues, sexuality issues- they aren’t issues! These are the things that showed me the person I don’t want to be; and occasionally the person I do. I’m learning daily it is okay to be different. I was looked at wealthy as a child, lily pulitzer dresses-beach houses-carolina daddy’s girl. These things weren’t me, and having them taught me to define my life by the things I had. I am a woman who has used and been used. I also, am a woman of God.

For this entry, all of the glory goes to him.

Thank you for showing me who I do not want to be.

Your Child,



P.S. for the messages I have gotten, I am religious. God seems to be the only one who hasn’t left, so he gets to take credit for my work.


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