I Found Myself In A Strip Club

I Found Myself In A Strip Club

Freshly 20-Broke-Half An Education-Pretty-What To Do?
  For days I just scrolled through the job posting ads on craigslist, I wanted to find a good restaurant like the ‘Waldhorn Restaurant‘ (my job of two years in NC) in Arkansas to wait tables at. I was not coming across anything and was loosing hope, feeling as I would be stuck at the Pulaski Heights Day School being a ‘helper’ for the rest of my life. Each and every time I would scroll past “Exotic Dancers Wanted!! Take Home Cash! We Will Teach you!!” finally, the what felt like 200 times seeing the post got me, and I reluctantly texted the number provided. Immediately “send a pic.” I did, one my myself clothed. “Friday 5pm Platinum Cabaret in Fayetteville, Arkansas (bring sexy lingerie and heels)- See you then!” And well, it was the longest five-day wait of my life.
  During that week, I went to my local sex-shop to get dancing heels (for strippers: Why are these so damn expensive?)   Finally, Friday came and I did the two 1/2 hour drive to Northwest Arkansas. I had never been to this part of Arkansas, and it was absolutely beautiful! I drove straight through the Ozark Mountains and felt so at peace. I do remember feeling my hands constantly gripping the steering wheel as I got closer and closer to the club. Once I arrived, I parked outside of the entrance and literally just watched different girls and customers walk in and out. This was a dirty club, but the perfect place to learn the business. After trying to talk myself out of doing this for half an hour, I got the courage to walk in. Drenched in Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret and Baby prostitute blonde hair- I told the door man I was told to come and audition, and he introduced me to ‘house mom’. There was 3 of us auditioning, and she taught us a few moves.. basically she told us to go on stage, and be sexy- “If you can do it and look good you’re hired.” This is the night I earned my badge of ‘Ally Cat’- “Introducing Ally to the stage..” I got up, did my thing, and made over $200 in my first stage show. I WAS HOOKED.

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