The Girl Who Discovered Charlotte Night Life at 17

*This is Personal, explicit, writing content* Appen Published 6.5.2016
As a girl in the NC Charlotte Public School system- I was lucky. Graduating from the best school in the area, came along with many other things. Not only did I not have to worry about daily life worries (crime, bullying) as much, but I was exposed to strong families who were sending their children to places like Clemson, Duke, USC, Chapel Hill, even to UCLA! Then there was the other half, who were going to community college and staying home, living with their boyfriends, and starting a family.
I stayed home my first year, and did bring myself to do a few classes. I was 18, dating a man who was 28. I wanted to be in the Queen City every single night, blowing cocaine up my nose and pounding shots of Jameson. Eventually, I quit going to school. When I look back, I had no idea how much worse my life could get after being addicted to cocaine. I was able to maintain my life and my habits, because of my loving and beautifully blind grandmother. She took me in at 17, after I had been through 11 rough months of impatient treatment in Syracuse, Utah.
Growing up we are taught drugs are bad, stripping is bad, leaving your family is bad, but I was bad; and craved independence. Going from one relationship to another through my young teens years just carried on with me as I became an adult, but I had bills. After having an abortion, I needed out of Charlotte. My lesbian streak kicked in, and I was off to Rehoboth Beach, DE within 4 months (with my heroin addicted girlfriend.) Times were hard, and I didn’t know this person I moved my life for was on heroin until my Best Friend called and told me. How the hell did she know? She did. And well, that is where my Journey really starts.. a phone call to my mom. “Mom, I’m moving to Arkansas.” Going back to the Queen City wasn’t an option. I loaded up my 2 door black Honda Coupe, and I did the 18 hour drive. (Did I mention I let my girlfriend come too?) Arkansas, here is to nothing..

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