Entry part 2 “When I abdicated my Self-Worth”

I have been told I have beautiful long legs, but really all I see is the bruises from my extremely Scandinavian complex, and a length that limits the heel height I “can” wear. When I was 17, my thyroid swelled up like a blow fish- and I literally gained 30 pounds over night. Even though I am a healthy weight, I miss being a stick. Now, I am always & forever a hypothyroid positive woman. I get really bad PMS- and I am the most selfish person I have ever met. I can’t ever seem to get rid of my hips, and sometimes I do not eat for days. Being a woman is not easy- it is restricting and a complete waste of time. SO I recently decided, I am just going to be me. And really, you probably won’t like me. As I can’t blame my “issues” on alcoholism or addiction- because I refuse to be like my Father.

Something funny about me, I was extremely conservative as a young girl. I did not even want my mother seeing me naked. I knew I was pretty- but never thought I was “pretty enough”. Growing up, I was always the blondest and the tallest in every class; I hated it. I taught myself at a young age to hate simple things about my body, only because I did not find those physical traits in other kids. Something that has helped me get by, is telling myself daily that my issues didn’t manifest until I lost my dad. When I open my eyes, I can actually put myself back in that little girls shoes; and remember 9 year-old Wesleigh. Over privileged would be an understatement. When I was growing up, I literally lived in a house that my parents built; and was in Southern Living Magazine.  I took life for granted at a young age, but how was I supposed to digest the fact we have limited time on earth, at 10?


**everything on this page is created, worded, phrased, and edited by me, DO NOT COPY MY WORK!**




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