Healing; When I Abdicated My Self-Worth Part 1 (Entry)

I’m writing this because I do not want to, and hate admitting where all of my self-loathing issues come from. As of right now, is 2:53 p.m. the coffee aroma is as strong as an alcoholics anonymous meeting in my office, and I hate telling this story…

As a 13 year-old, little girl, I had everything a girl that age could imagine. From the long blonde hair, constant attention, cheerleading friends, and tiny little 00 figure I flaunted. I learned about sexual yearning in men at a young age. I knew I could get what I wanted from them; but it took me several years to establish the courage to use humans for my own benefit- However; do not be fooled, I did.. and a lot. I cling to humans, and my number one fear in life is being alone. So, ultimately I haven’t been alone for long periods of time; in a very long time. Over time, I found something that made me feel incredible about the person I was, even more so than a human. Money.

Most people that know me, or at least know some of my story, would say I have had an insane life. Depending on who you ask; I could be a good person, a user, a whore, a stripper, a writer, or a girl with daddy issues. Personally, I’d like to introduce myself as Wesleigh- “The girl who abdicated her self-worth“.


**everything on this page is created, worded, phrased, and edited by me, DO NOT COPY MY WORK!**






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