As a writer,

Grammar- it is very important! If you have an issue typing out “you’re” or you can’t explain why you’re lol-ing, I won’t be interested in reading your work. Not because i’m a bitch, just because it is frustrating. We were given a language and we should be respectful, especially those of us who write for a passion/ & or work. I have extreme differences in the types of people read my work, & I love getting feedback.

*I do text this way on occasion; but lets save the slang for quick talk please?

Feedback- Why sometimes I respond & why I don’t other times:

If I can relate in a sense I get excited about something you say, i’ll probably respond. In other cases, those looking for a response- My social email is always open to ideas, suggestions, forums, & an audience!

Love XO & keep writing!



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