The Little Things


Introduction: What makes ME happy. A blog entry simply about taking small important parts of your life, making them larger, & embracing who they create through your love for them.

Tea, Incense, & a Book

Have you ever felt as if you live your life to please someone else’s? Taking time for myself works amazing for me. When bad things happen, I have a tendency to dwell on them. I come up with the worst possible scenarios. Being positive is something i’ve always struggled with. As I lay in the bath, I can feel my worries sink out of the pores of my skin. Smelling the incense over takes any smell lingering around me, & i’m so focused on the piece of writing between my hands. I’m so focused that I am not even thinking about the fact i’m leaving the woman I was engaged to. I forget about the two men who robbed me. If I do drift off in thought, it’s about my beautiful loving dog, or the man who adores every inch of my damaged soul. It is possible and uplifting. With a mind like mine, this is an incredible skill.
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