My Attacker

October 2015, when I lost my good faith in humanity. It was a normal night of drinking for me. That didn’t really happen without a white corner lunch baggy full of white powder & a bottle of Jameson. Normally getting my cocaine fix was easy, but I had to take a ride this time. While I thought everything would be normal and fine, I was wrong. I don’t think many people understand what it is like to be scared out of your mind. I’ll tell you.

I was handed A bag of cocaine (it wasn’t cocaine). I gave the bag back thinking it would be no big deal. It was, as I heard a gun cock on my friends head. I knew it was a big deal. This for me was a situation I never thought I would’ve been in. I’m just a southern white girl, it was absolutely terrifying. The different thoughts going through my head at that exact moment, I couldn’t tell you. I just know I wanted to vanish.

When you’re in survival mode, you’ll do or say anything to survive. From begging for your life to sobbing and screaming. I complied with this man, I didn’t have much. But I had money, the good news is that is what he wanted (or they I should say). I asked the gun man to drive to my house, where I kept my money. As he drove, the threats kept coming. We arrived, I got out of the car slowly and did as I was told to do. The driver and I (my friend) walked to my house, I ran up the stairs to stash some of my cash(stripper at the time). As I am followed up the stairs I give the gun man a handful of hundred dollar bills, he handed my phone back to me which he had taken. Made me remove my clothes. Luckily, decided not to cause harm to me sexually. He locked my friend and I in the bedroom and he drove off in the car he robbed us in.

My attacker was the original driver, the man who played innocent, NOT the man with the gun. My attacker was the man who knew my schedule, pretended to be my friend, smoked blunts with me & talked about real life issues. My attacker was the man who brought his children up while begging for his life which he knew was safe. People are evil.




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